3A Humanitarian of the Year – Chet Colvin

3A Humanitarian of the Year

Chet Colvin, Ogden

Whether it’s serving 2,000 miles away in Zihuantanejo, Mexico, or in the halls of his own his own high school, Ogden’s Chet Colvin is always happy to be a positive influence to those in need.

This summer, Colvin spent three weeks in Mexico with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help build a senior center. Colvin said it took five different volunteer groups to finish the center, and his group was the first one. The first week they dug all the trenches and helps for the foundation. The second week was prep work with rebar and getting things ready for the cement. The final week was filling the trenches and holes with cement and getting everything ready for the next volunteer group.

Asked what motivates him to be of service in his community, Colvin said:

“Since I was little my faith and family taught me the importance of loving and serving others. It’s always come easy for me to help others and I enjoy it. When I was young, my family received so much love and service while my mom was going through a medical trial. I always wanted to pay that same love and service forward. I believe where much is given, much is required, and I’ve been given so much that I want to give back.”

Runner-up: Noah Mann, Ben Lomond

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