OHS State Swim Results

Congratulations swimmers!  

Girls took 5th overall and boys took 9th.  Just awesome!  13PR’s today and 7 podiums!  Excellent splits and finishes in our relays, too. Thank you for fighting for those touch-outs and placings.  41PR’s total for the meet.  

200 Free Relay 4th place 1:37 (seeded 8th!) – Porter Bartlett, Bradyn Reeves, Dawson Malan, Ty Willey

200 Free Relay 6th place 1:53 (seeded 7th) – Kamryn Kennedy, Erika Haines, Elly Carlton, Stella Hunter

400 Free Relay 11th Place 3:50 – Dawson Malan, Jordan Wilson, Nate Belnap (55 split!), Brooks Mortensen

200 Medley Relay 4th place (2:07) – Shae Stephenson, Stella Hunter, Elly Carlton, Cyan Schatz